orner farms of rockton, pa - producers of vermicompost and resellers of compost tea equipment
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RD 1, Box 88
Home Camp Road
Rockton, PA  15856
814-583-7741 (fax)

Compost Tea

The next product we are working with is compost tea and we are very excited about its benefits. This process uses a specialized machine that extracts the beneficial microbes from the vermicompost. You then are adding quality ingredients to feed and multiply the microbes while keeping the whole process very aerobic by adding proper amounts of air. This brewing process takes about 24 hours to complete. Some of the benefits of compost tea include:

  • infection sites on the plant surface are occupied by beneficial organisms so pathogens cannot infect the leaf;
  • foliar nutrients are used, so that disease-causing organisms have no food and cannot grow;
  • nutrients that plants can take up are present in the tea;
  • beneficial micro-organisms are added into the soil or onto leaf surfaces, resulting in the retention and cycling of nutrients into plant available forms.

    Orner Farms represents EPM Inc., manufacturer of the "compost tea" brewers displayed here. More information can be found at http://www.composttea.com.

  • Copyright 2003 - Orner Farms, Inc., Rockton, PA   info@ornerfarms.com

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