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RD 1, Box 88
Home Camp Road
Rockton, PA  15856
814-583-7741 (fax)

Orner Farms provides "Worm Wonder"
Vermicompost, a natural to improve
your soil biology . . .

Vermicompost is a natural compost generated from red worms digesting our composted cow manure.  Vermicompost is suited for flowers, vegetables, lawns, and landscaping plants such as rhododendron and azalea.  Berries and fruits can also benefit from its nutrients! Our experience has shown larger root systems and healthier foliage on plants when vermicompost was applied. When applied at seeding, vermicompost decreases germination time and results in stronger seedlings.

We also offer innovative solutions to creating a Compost "Tea" for applying a liquid version of the compost to growing plants!

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